"Like A Soldier"

With the twilight colors falling

And the evening laying shadows

Hidden memories come stealing from my mind

As I feel my own heart beating out

The simple joy of living

I wonder how I ever was that kind

But the wild road I was rambling

Was always out there calling

And they said a hundred times I should have died

But now my present miracle

Is that you're here beside me So,

I believe they were roads that I was meant to ride

Like a soldier getting over the war

Like a young man getting over his crazy days

Like a bandit getting over his lawless ways

Every day is better than before

I'm like a soldier getting over the war

There were nights I don't remember

And there's pain that I've forgotten

Other things I choose not to recall

There are faces that come to me

In my darkest secret memory

Faces that I wish would not come back at all

In my dreams parade of lovers

From the other times and places

There's not one that matters now, no matter who

I'm just thankful for the journey

And that I've survived the battles

And that my spoils of victory are you

© 2018 Johnny Cash Недавно услышал Кино - Война. Мелодичная песня.
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